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How does the daily self-checkup in the Roar app work?

Read detailed instructions on the daily self-checkup.

If all classes are remote learning, why is there a classroom assignment on my class schedule in PAWS?

Classroom assignments in PAWS are for faculty use only. Rooms are being assigned so faculty can use classroom spaces for their remote instruction, which may be for synchronous and/or asynchronous class sessions.

Is there a late registration fine for fall 2020?

No, there is not a late registration fine for fall 2020 registration.

When can I add/drop individual fall 2020 classes?

The add/drop period for schedule adjustments is August 25–September 2.

When can I withdraw from an individual fall 2020 class (or classes)?

Students may withdraw from an individual class or classes September 3–October 27 with a grade of “W” and no refund.

When are the fall 2020 dates and refund periods if I wish to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the college?

  • August 25–September 15: If a student takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the college, all classes will be dropped with a 100 percent refund.
  • September 16–22: If a student takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the college, all classes will be graded as “WD” with a 75 percent refund.
  • September 23–29: If a student takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the college, all classes will be graded as “WD” with a 50 percent refund.
  • September 30–October 27: If a student takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the college, all classes will be graded as “WD” with no refund.
  • October 28–November 17: If a student takes a leave of absence or withdraws from the college, all classes will be graded as “WP” or “WF” with no refund.
  • After November 17: Students are not able to take a leave of absence nor withdraw from the college.

These important deadlines are also listed on the 2020-21 Academic Calendar.

When will Fall Break take place?

Fall Break will be moved from October 12–13 to November 23–24, creating a weeklong Thanksgiving Break November 23–27.

Will TCNJ be providing PPE to nursing students who are going to clinical sites or at least ensuring these clinical sites provide proper PPE to all students?

Yes, TCNJ’s School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science will provide students with appropriate PPE for their clinical rotations. Each clinical site has different requirements, and the school will work with each nursing student to ensure they have the PPE they need.

How can parents receive the updates and communications that are being sent to students?

Parents can sign up for the parents email list online.

Are there opportunities for student employment on campus?

Students who qualify for work-study will still be eligible for student employment. There will be limited opportunities for on-campus work; however, some campus employers may offer remote work opportunities.

How is TCNJ addressing student mental health? Can the college incorporate mandatory mental health services or check-ins with students?

The college cannot mandate mandatory mental health services. Mental Health Services will be open and operational daily for individual and group sessions, though all services will be provided via TeleMental Health. Exceptions for in-person services will be made on a case-by-case basis for students in crisis or for those who cannot access remote services. Mental Health Services will provide regular communications and post resources via Instagram (@tcnj_mhs) and will also offer weekly sessions called “Let’s Talk” via Zoom (HIPPA-compliant version). More information will be communicated through the Virtual Opportunities newsletter.

Does student health insurance need to be waived for both on- and off-campus students? If so, when is the deadline and how do we waive it?

All full-time students are required to have insurance. This requirement can be waived if a student can demonstrate coverage.

Will on-campus activities and group gatherings also be offered to upperclassmen, not just to freshmen?

On-campus activities and group gatherings are currently limited to first-year students.

What is the plan for winter and spring sports?

In accordance with the New Jersey Athletic Conference announcement, no athletic competitions, travel, or practices will occur during the fall 2020 semester. Decisions regarding winter athletics will be considered later this semester.

If I was assigned housing for fall, will that assignment remain the same for the spring or will I need to reapply?

Students will need to reapply for spring-semester housing. Information will be communicated to all students. Provided students did not withdraw from campus housing (cancel your contract) prior to the college’s announcement of fall remote instruction, the Housing Office will do its best to honor fall housing assignments.

How do I access my classes via Canvas? Will there be training for freshmen?

Students can access Canvas online. When students log in, they will see all of their current classes on the Canvas dashboard. Canvas served as the platform for freshman orientation, where all TCNJ students experienced the tools and learned how to navigate the system. Additional training can be found in our Canvas system’s built-in help menu, which includes guides for students. The “Getting Started for TCNJ Students” guide is also a helpful resource.

How do I change my major? What is the deadline?

Once the academic year begins, students may apply to change their majors by submitting a Change of Major Form no later than Friday, October 2, 2020, for spring registration. For more information on the process and requirements, please view the Change of Major policy.

How do I find my fall class schedule and the name of my advisor?

To access class schedule and advisor information, log in to PAWS and select Self Service, then Student Center. For more information, view the First-Year Student Schedule Tutorial.

When will I be notified if study abroad will be available in the spring?

TCNJ will make a determination about study abroad courses for spring 2021 by November, when registration for the spring semester opens. Please contact the Center for Global Engagement in advance to discuss your interests and plans (, 609.771.2596).

I missed the virtual Town Hall meetings regarding the fall semester. Is there a way I can view them after the fact?

Yes. You can view both Town Hall Zoom webinars for students and families — from August 5 and August 6 — online.

I have special circumstances and require campus housing. How do I apply?

Students requesting campus housing should review the criteria for fall 2020 housing and submit an application.

I live off campus/at home. Will I be able to use campus facilities?

Unfortunately, current state guidelines restrict the use of campus facilities. 

Will outdoor spaces be accessible to those on and off campus?

Outdoor spaces will continue to be available for active fitness purposes (walking the loop, etc.). Everyone on campus should have a face covering available when observing physical distancing is not possible, including when in outdoor spaces.

Will the library be available?

The Gitenstein Library is available to all students, whether residing on or off campus. It will function primarily as a study space and a place for students to attend remote classes, whether using their own laptop, tablet, or other electronic device or a library computer. Students participating in remote classes in the library must bring their own headsets. Library hours may be found online.

Ask a Librarian (reference) services are provided remotely, and course reserves are limited to online materials. State guidelines currently restrict occupancy to 25 percent of building capacity; currently only the first floor and lower level are available. In keeping with TCNJ’s mask policy, no food or drink is allowed anywhere in the building. Both drive-up and walk-up pickup of library materials will be provided to faculty, staff, and students throughout the semester. More information

Will administrative and department offices be open?

Most administrative and department offices will continue to offer services remotely. Accommodations will be made for necessary in-person business. Please contact the appropriate department/office by phone or email for additional information.  

When will a decision be made regarding spring 2021 classes?

We remain hopeful that a spring 2021 in-person or flex semester will be possible. We will continue to work with state and local officials and to ready the campus for this eventuality. Additional information will be shared prior to spring 2021 course registration.

Will an ungraded or pass/fail option be available for fall 2020 classes?

No. Although this was an option implemented due to the unexpected mid-semester pivot during the spring 2020 semester, it will not be an option outside of the current pass/fail policy (Ungraded Option policy), which limits the number and types of courses that may be completed on a credit/no credit basis.